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We Need Your Help!

After nearly 8 years as faithful tenants in our current location,  (and after extensive, costly renovations to make the rental property inhabitable) our small Orthodox Christian mission was unexpectedly given notice last week (9/14/16) to vacate the property by October 31.  Although small in number, our dedicated parishioners have been saving steadily to purchase property for a permanent church location, but with this imposed and sudden deadline of only 6 weeks, we are now facing unanticipated costs on an already tight budget.

As we likely will not be able to find, purchase, close on, and renovate a property for services within 6 weeks, we will need capital to fund these expenses (among others):

·      moving supplies
·      storage for church materials
·      temporary space for services while we continue our
·      renovations to ready a space for services
·      misc costs to sustain our parish during this transition
·      increased adjustment in rent and/or down payment
       & mortgage

Although events of this past week have been unexpected to say the least, we remain certain that God’s hand is guiding us through this change.  We are asking our families, friends, and sister churches to help our mission continue to serve His will through a financial donation of any amount.  ALL DONATIONS – 100% - will go directly to All Saints of America Orthodox Mission in Alexandria, VA. 

Thank you so much for your help! PLEASE SHARE this link with anyone else you think may be interested.

Welcome to Our Parish!

All Saints of America Orthodox church in Alexandria was established as an all-English church on July 1, 2008 by the blessing of Metropolitan Herman. Its goal is to provide a community for local Orthodox Christians and make the Orthodox faith known in this area.
As a mission of the Orthodox Church in America, All Saints of America church strives to continue the missionary work begun by the earliest Russian missionaries in Alaska. Through their writings, it is clear that they believed that the Apostolic Orthodox Faith was being brought to America by the will of God. They labored to translate the Gospel and services into native languages and foresaw the establishment of an indigenous Orthodox Church in America.
The Orthodox Church is neither Roman Catholic nor Protestant. Although the Orthodox Church has been historically connected with various ethnic cultures - especially those in Eastern Europe and the Mid East - the Orthodox Faith, claiming unbroken continuity with Apostolic Faith, is universal in character and calls all to "come and see."
For temporary service location and times, either contact Fr. Michael or go to the "driving directions" page.
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Address to the Council by His Beatitude, Metropolitan TIKHON

If you have an hour to spare …; you will be very pleased to listen to the Address to the Council by His Beatitude, Metropolitan TIKHON.  Try to set-aside the time to be informed and greatly inspired by his words!  I highly recommend it to you. 

In our Lord, Jesus Christ, 

~ Fr. Ken


Archpriest, Orthodox Church in America

Diocese of New York & New Jersey

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